蓝鲨建筑锚固系统有限公司总部位于英国,是全球性专业的建筑锚固系统解决方案品牌。公司是一家集研发、生产销售为一体的中外合资的企业。公司销售分布多个国家和地区,产品主要覆盖英国、美国,中东,澳洲、中国等。公司产品覆盖:化学锚栓,热镀锌化学锚栓,后扩底机械锚栓,车修壁虎,特殊倒锥型锚栓、窗式壁虎、倒锥形锚栓、各种金属锚栓,尼龙、塑料膨胀 以及其他领域专业锚栓、建筑五金配件、抗震支架、哈芬槽系列及注射式植筋胶等。




      Blue Shark Fixings Co., Ltd., headquartered in the United Kingdom, is a global professional brand of building anchoring system solutions. The company's sales are distributed in many countries and regions, and its products mainly cover the United Kingdom, Australia, China and so on.

     The company's products include:chemical anchor bolt, mechanical anchor bolt, vehicle repair gecko, window gecko, inverted cone anchor bolt, various metal anchor bolts, nylon, plastic expansion and other fields of professional anchor bolt, building hardware accessories, anti-seismic bracket, hafen trough series and injection type planting glue

    With the continuous expansion of the Chinese market, in order to better provide customers with high-end products and services, the company, we established Blue Shark New Material Technology (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. in Zhejiang, China